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Anxiety and Depression are something many struggle with daily. Most people that struggle with anxiety and depression are simply medicated and pushed to the side instead of getting to the root cause of it.

Anxiety and Depression could be caused by a subluxation. When there is a Subluxation (misalignment) of the vertebrae then pressure is put on those nerves and your body is unable to communicate and complete the necessary functions.

A subluxation in your cervical spine could cause functional decrease which leads to anxiety and depression. With specific adjustments, the subluxation (misalignment) will be adjusted and your brain will be able to communicate with your body properly. Once you are adjusted and able to properly communicate many see relief and better functional health.


Your Eden Family Chiropractic doctors are here to help support you in getting to the root cause of the symptoms you may be experiencing.


We would love to serve you so we can see relief from anxiety and depression so you can live the life that you desire.

Eden Family Chiropractic

Anxiety & Depression

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