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"The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease." 
-BJ Palmer

Starting the Life You Deserve

Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA
At your first visit, we will review your health concerns and goals for care. Our team will share information about nerve interference and how chiropractic adjustments facilitate healing in your body. During this time you’ll have the opportunity to ask your Chiropractor any questions you have, and learn more about your health.
Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA

Assessment & Diagnosis

Our thorough assessment will evaluate the severity of stress and nerve interference in your body. These findings will allow us to fully understand the state of your health & we will then be able to provide the best care that you need. 

Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA

Report of Findings

Your second visit with us will be the most important. Dr. Danielle will present more information on your health & our technique. Then, we will review your assessment and discuss the doctor’s plan for your individualized care.

We take the time to understand the root cause of your health concerns in order to provide the best and most effective care. Through our years of experience, we’ve found that continued care is a crucial part of achieving your goals and living your best life! Learn more about the phases of continued care below.

Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA

Phases of Care

Active Care
The main objective during active care is to reduce your pain in the shortest amount of time possible. Your progress will be rapid during this phase. The number of adjustments you will receive during this phase of care varies, and is dependent upon your specific condition. 
Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA
Corrective Care
When your symptoms become more manageable, you will enter corrective care. The objective here is to improve the structure of your spine. This phase of care is commonly compared to orthodontics, as your spine will steadily become more properly aligned. 
Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA
Lifestyle Wellness
Lifestyle wellness care is crucial to increase your body performance & improve the overall health of your nervous system. You can expect continued improved health, preventing the return of previous conditions, and the correction of small problems before they become serious. 
Eden Family Chiropractic Hartwell GA
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