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Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders and changes in your daily mood are caused by neurological functional disorders as well as your environmental conditions such as pain and stress.


Neurological functional disorders can be caused by subluxations.

When there is a Subluxation (misalignment) of the vertebrae then pressure is put on those nerves and your body is unable to communicate and complete the necessary functions needed such as maintaining a mood, as well as maintaining functional health, and staying out of pain.

With specific neurological adjustments, Eden Family Chiropractic will be able to help your nervous system with mood struggles as well as improve the function of your day-to-day life.


Eden Family Chiropractic takes time to get to know you to discuss how we can best improve your quality of life. During that time we will design a personalized plan so we can adjust the cause instead of treating the effects of your mood disorders.

Eden Family Chiropractic

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